Swim Instructor Insurance | Swim School Insurance

Use this page to get a quote for swim instructor insurance and swimming teacher insurance. 

Click the get instant quote button to start your quote.


What If I have multiple swim instructors?

If you have multiple swimteachers, you can add them when you see the question about “Crew Members” or “Payroll”.  Input the number of swim instructors or payroll that you have.


    What’s available?

    • General Liability Insurance for Swim Instructors
    • Monthly payment options available
    • Daily Policy Option
    • Short-term policies available
    • Instant proof of insurance

    General liability for swim instructors is available with a short-term option as well as a monthly option.  Quotes are available in most states in real time for swim teacher insurance, swim instructor liability insurance, private swim teacher insurance, and swim lesson provider insurance.  If you provide swim lessons, you need liability insurance to protect yourself and your business.  If you have employees, you can add them as “crew” when getting a quote.  Swim lesson instructor insurance is available on a daily and monthly basis in most locations.

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