Certificates of insurance for Food Vendors

Food carts are often required to obtain certificates of insurance to give either the landlords of the location at which they are working or the venues where they will be serving their food. Not only do the landlords request a certificate of insurance, but they usually ask to be added as an additional insured on the policy. This is very common, so make sure that you see a copy of the contract and the certsrequirements of the venue or event where you will be operating your business so that you know if your insurance will meet the requirements. We often see limits of liability of $1 million per occurrence and $1 million aggregate or a $2 million aggregate requested by a venue.  If you need more, excess or umbrella policies are available.

Why do landlords want to be additionally insured?

Many landlords will be requiring you to add them as additional insured so that they can have protection under your policy during the time when you were working on their premises for claims they can result from your negligence.

When you use the online program to purchase liability insurance as a vendor, you will receive a link after your purchase where you can add additional insureds and generate certificates of insurance on the website. The information that you will need to obtain a certificate of insurance is the name of the additional insured, their mailing address, and then will be able to choose your relationship to them. For example you will feel option for venue, or for landlord.

It’s an easy process when you have an easy system to use.

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